Paralaxe Editions

Paralaxe vs Laura Lies In UK Tour



24 08 22 – Cafe Oto – London

25 08 22 – Strange Brew – Bristol

26 08 22 – The White Hotel – Manchester

27 08 22 – Quarry – Liverpool

28 08 22 – La Chunky – Glasgow

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Blue Mountain School Playlist

Thanks to the Blue Mountain School for inviting me to compile this list of records:

Paralaxe Editions is a label and publishing house established in Barcelona in 2014 by Dania Shihab who is interested in exploring the limits of sound and print. The philosophy of the label is to celebrate and study the objects’ intrinsic properties, production, and value.

‘Music plays a central role in my life, and these songs/albums represent a cross-section of my listening habits over the past ten years.  Whilst there is no concrete stylistic link between these selections, everything here has had a major influence on me and my sonic perspective. If you are interested in a deeper dive into my musical headspace, I also host a monthly radio show on dublab here in Barcelona,  usually focusing on mutilated electronics, experimental ambient, and spoken word’.

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Pitchfork article

Paralaxe Editions co-founder Dania Shihab featured in Pitchfork magazine.

Read here for the full article:

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Radio Sygma

Featuring: Hector Zazou, S.Y.P.H, John T. Gast, Robert Ashley, Morton Feldman, Christina Vantzou, Piero Milesi & Daniel Bacalov, Joan La Barbara, Dajuin Yao, Dania, Melanie Velarde, Eric Lunde, Scaarlet, AER, Beatriz Ferreyra, LLL, FOQL & Fischerle, Robert Fripp, Miguel A. Ruiz, Michel Banabila.



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Dublab — Season 19/20 03 – Guest: Arnau Sala Saez

Friend and artist Arnau Sala Saez, who runs the Anòmia label in Barcelona and also performs as Ex-Continent or Participant, has taken over my radio program for January whilst I’m in Australia. Please enjoy!


Group Ongaku — Automatism
Arnau Sala Saez Textures (Live)
Wojciech Rusin — Paolo’s Dream / Prima Materia
Sugai Ken — Sawariyanagi
David Wesley Sutton — in the dancing
Faithful — Fear 4 the worst
John Mannion — unknown
Sugai Ken — Yousai
Shots – Firm Footing On A Social Ledge
Drew Daniel and John Wiese — Progress Bar
Michael Pisaro and Miguel Prado —White Metal, p. 2
Carl Stone — Sonali
Marcus Schmickler and Julian Rohrhuber — Refrain Numbers Negation / Dedekind Cuts

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Dublab — Season 19/20 02


C.Schulz – Nr. 5 – 10. Hose Horn (Entenpfuhl ‎, 1991)
Colleen – Ritournelle – Everyone Alive Wants Answers (Leaf, 2003)
Morton Feldman – Christian Wolf In Cambridge – Brandels University Chamber Chorus –
Extended Voices (Faszination Musik , 2002)
Holger Hiller – Ein Bündel Fäulnis In Der Grube – Ein Bündel Fäulnis In Der Grube (Ata Tak, 1983)
Ikpathua – Except Side A – Cong Burn 09 (Cong Burn, 2019)
Daphne Oram – Power Tools – Oramics (Paradigm Discs, 2007)
Miguel A. Ruiz – Trivandrum – Climatery (Abstrakce Records, 2019)
Basic House – Double XP – Pathetique (V I S, 2017)
Philip Sanderson – This Is Not A Game – On One Of These Bends ( Séance Centre, 2018)
Christina Vantzou – Lava (Ka Baird) – 4.5 (N4 Remixes) ((Christina Vantzou Self-Released), 2019)
Mosca – Touchie Riddim Pt.3 – Touchie Riddim (FLUF, 2019)
Kindred Spirits – Stop That Thought – Various Patients Hearing Voices ( Cruel Nature Records, 2019)
Maria Horn – Fides Minus – Kontrapoetik (Portals Editions, XKatedral, 2018)
Magthea – Magthea and Insanity – 80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1 (Contort Yourself ‎, 2017)
Herron – United Walls – Box of Swords (Peder Mannerfelt, 2019)
Bobby Flan – Cone Of Perversity – Calaesthetics / Cone Of Perversity 7″ (Primitive Languages, 2019)
Scaarlet – Advertising – Spill The Tea Ep (No Suit Records, 2019)
Hontos – B2 – Subway Series Vol.2 (BANK records NYC, 2019)

Photo by the wonderful John Maclean. Hometown of William Eggleston, Sumner, Mississippi.
For more information about this work, you can see an interview I did at American Suburb X.

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ELLLL — Laut 19.10.2019

Earlier this year, Paralaxe Editions released ‘Glisten,’ an EP of cinematic piano swells and delicate orchestral strings from ELLLL. The Irish-born, Berlin-based artist has been busy in 2019, dropping additional releases on labels like Glacial Industries and First Second, and now she’s coming to Paralaxe Editions’ home base of Barcelona for a special night at LAUT. Joining ELLLL behind the decks will be label founder Dania (who you may also know from her eclectic monthly show on, along with music journalist Shawn Reynaldo.


Shawn Reynaldo

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Dublab — Season 19/20 01


Photos: Dani Pujalte



Perila – Nat’s Poems (with Nat Marcus) – Irer Dent ( Sferic, 2019)
Aylu – Spider lillies – Sinusitis (Mainumby Ediciones, 2011)
H. Takahashi – Bacteria  – 人間の機能を助ける音楽 (birdFriend, 2016)
Fischerle – Hidden Lake Club – Hidden Lake Club (Where To Now?, 2014)
Clarice Jensen – The Organ That Made You Bleed – Drone Studies (Geographic North, 2019)
Francesco Cavaliere – Xilo Di Slamella Che Infilza – Xylomania (Self-released, 2018)
Matt Carlson – The Game – The View From Nowhere (Shelter Press, 2016)
Carl Oesterhelt – Makonde Pattern – Eleven Pieces for Synthesizer (Umor Rex , 2019)
Aymeric de Tapol – A1-4H23 – LES HORIZONS (Vlek, 2015)
Michel Banabila – In A Language I Can Understand – Changing Structures (Tapu Records, 2010)
Hiro Kone – Feed My Ancestors – A Fossil Begins to Bray (Dais, 2019)
Herron – 5 & 3, Billy, You & Me – Yield/Wield (V I S, 2019)

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Forthcoming: ELLLL new 12″ — Glisten

ELLLL continues her prolific 2019 run with a striking new EP. Fresh off releases on Glacial Industries and First Second, the Irish-born, Berlin-based shapeshifter takes a creative turn here, setting aside her bassy excursions and techno flirtations for something much more cinematic in scope. Rich in melody, this record finds ELLLL taking an orchestral approach, weaving together piano swells and delicate strings to create a truly immersive listening experience.

Stream track from the EP, Ride.

Pre-order here:



All music by ELLLL.
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux.
Artwork by Oficina de disseny.
Photograph by Claire Cichy.

© All rights reserved, Paralaxe Editions 2019.


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Dublab take over: Anomia head and producer Ex-Continent. 17CET at

Thanks to Anomia’s label headand artist Ex-con for taking over the radio show for January and Februrary.

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Mix: Every Poet Knows Time (28.11.18) w/ Rupert Clervaux/CVX

New mix by Rupert Clervaux for LYL radio, featuring an upcoming release on Paralaxe 2019. Listen 17:00.


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Paralaxe now has a monthly show, broadcasting live from Barcelona.

November mix:


Roberto Gerhard – Automobile “In the manner of Goya” – Roberto Gerhard – Electronic Explorations From His Studio + BBC Radiophonic Workshop 1958-1967 (Subrosa, 2014)
Masahiro Sugaya – Straight LineFloating In the Sky – Music From Alejo アレッホ – 風を讃えるために (no label, 1987)
Maxwell Sterling – Hollywood Medieval – Hollywood Medieval (The Death of Rave, 2017)
Leslie Winer and Jay Glass Dubs – Woodshedded – YMFEES (Bokeh Vesions, 2018)
Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz – I’m A Man – Desert Equations: Azax Attra (Crammed Discs, 2003)
Aylu – V – Serum (Sun Ark Records, 2018)
Miharu Koshi – L’Amour… Aruiwa Kuro No Irony – Tutu (Pick Up Records, 1983)
Kuniyuki Takahashi  – Signifie – Early Tape Works (1986 – 1993) Vol. 1 (Music From Memory, 2018)
Zuli – Nari (ft. Abyusif, Mado $am, Abanob, R-Rhyme) – Terminal (Uiq, 2018)
Machine Woman – Call It Televisual 1990 – Residency Tape 2: Machine Woman (MMODEMM, 2018)
Parris – South East Of The Mountain – Skeletal EP (Ancient Monarchy, 2016)
Beau Wanzer – The Grim Whim – Beau Wanzer (LIES, 2018)
Chekov – Spring – Cong Burn 3 (Cong Burn, 2018)


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Rut Panusé




In today’s hyperconnected and technology accelerated condition, Rut Panusé aimed to disconnect. To do so, she moved into a small and inhabited Swedish island where she was able to glimpse the most primary technological processes that link both trees and human beings.

Once the hierarchies between these elements were eliminated, Panusé collected materials, drew sketches and made images and sculptures in which both physical and digital work processes converged. In her series,the idea of the dazzling sun is interlaced with that of psychedelic dancefloors where the dancers, either alone or in a couple, hold their gestures while a solitary spotlight binds them.Babá Khumu Ta Tá looks into a particular universe of lights and formsthat stems not only from her study of the light’s material qualities but also from the relationship between technology and nature.

Rut Panusé Feijóo is a Spanish visual artist and an oral storyteller. Graduated in Photography at the IEFC, Barcelona, she has participated in international projects such as Signs of the City, coordinated by the Factory of Creació in Hangar, Barcelona. Her artwork has been exhibited in Lanzadera programme, curated by Iñaki Domingo in Centro-Centro, Madrid (2016). She has participated in collective exhibitions such as La Mostra Striparts (2008, 2011) and international festivals such as Sarajevo Winter Festival (2012) and Clic ’09 in the Visa Off festival at Visa Pour l’Image, Perpignan. She has been invited to present her creative process at the Le Bal photography centre, Paris (2013). Currently, along with Albert Gusi and Jaume C. Pons Alorda, she is working on Terra-Lab, a collaborative project led by Román Yñan, Ignasi López, Vicenç Altayó and Sergi Opisso, which aims to update the visual imagery of the Catalan territory. She often collaborates in multidisciplinary collective projects such as Chronica Mobilis organized by Hangar, Barcelona.

Rut Panusé :

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Twilight Zone: Arnau Blanch

arnau diptych small


Twilight Zone

Arnau Blanch

Opening at Wer-Haus 15.09.16  20:00

Interested in the psychological effects of opium in dreams, Arnau Blanch’s research runs towards the different states of consciousness, and unconsciousness from the use of this substance.“It’s like being suspended in a twilight zone between sleep and wakefulness. Nothing matters, and everything is fine.”

This project explores the non-figurative expression of the form and materials of the photographic image and of the imagination, playing between the limits of what is pictorial and what is photography. The altered state of perception resulting from the use of analgesic and narcotic substances like opium and the use of experimental camera-less processes has allowed Arnau to make this series of complex abstract images.

This is why these large format pieces that shape the artwork are presented emulating the construction of the origin of material photography: the negative. Different translucent layers overlap over the emulsion diffracting visible light beams in different ranges of tones. This finish allows us to add a certain formal investigation over the different stratums that compose each image to the expressive abstraction of the process.

In the search of bringing my sensitive experience to a tangible and visible world. I have made a series of large format pieces where the materials, tones, forms and supports of the photographic medium gain the whole limelight.


If we perceive photography as an experience and expression, as a shape and a colour, as a tool to transport the reader to emotional states altered by the repeated use of opium. If we are capable of internalizing surfaces varying between the aquatic and the geological, the microscopical and the stratospheric. If we substitute the logics and aesthetics of Euclidean geometry for the apparently random patterns of Fractal geometry, where we find no beginning or end. But it doesn’t even matter.

If we immerse ourselves in the expressiveness of abstraction and lose ourselves in emotions aroused by human intervention in the raw supports and materials of the image when it acts beyond the frontiers of reason.

If we free ourselves from everything we take for granted, from the barriers between sleep and wakefulness, between consciousness and lethargy. If we rethink the margins of visuals as porous spaces where the canons of photography and paint mingle freely.

If we travel where the camera does not reach, where narcotics take us, where the content is not described but reached, only then, will we enter the Twilight Zone.

Jon Uriarte, 2016



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Broshuda WIP

broshuda dyptych


Broshuda forthcoming ‘Ooze Vector’ WIP.

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Alien Jams

Listen here

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Paralaxe Label Night: Berlin

paralaxe editions berlin 2

Label night at Echo Bücher 01.06.2016

Paralaxe Editions is an independent record label and publishing house. Based in Barcelona, its ethos stems from the concept of the parallax view, a phenomenon in which an object’s appearance is affected by the perspective of the person observing it. As such, the Paralaxe catalog is particularly diverse and unpredictable, its offerings often only tied together by a shared affinity for the slightly askew. Focusing on limited-run books, records and tapes, the latest release is a collaborative LP by Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux, and the imprint has previously published SSV: Fieldwork, First term, a collection of photographs by Cameron Stallones (Sun Araw) that was broken into five chapters with accompanying music. In May, Paralaxe Editions was invited to take part in the Offprint Projects art book fair at the Tate Modern in London. On this night in Berlin, three Paralaxe artists – Ondness (Lisbon), Manta (Berlin) and Broshuda (Berlin) – will come together for a night of textured soundscapes and manicured distortion in celebration of Ooze Vector, our forthcoming tape release from Broshuda.

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offprint london

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Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux LP
APRIL 29th

dillion dyptchBEATRICE DILLON – Drum programming, electronics, synthesizer, bass guitar, field recordings

RUPERT CLERVAUX – Vibraphone, drums, percussion, field recordings, additional drum programming
and EBEN BULL – Pocket trumpet and zither on The Same River Twice

Written, performed, produced and mixed by Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux in London between December 2014 and March 2015.  Mastered by Rupert Clervaux at Grays Inn Road.
Photography by Anne Tetzlaff, artwork by Paralaxe Editions and Oficina de disseny.

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Forthcoming on Paralaxe : Broshuda


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