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Them Corja by Ondness

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Edition of 60
Pea Green Tape
Letterpressed Cover
© 2015 Paralaxe Editions



Listening to Lisbon-based Bruno Silva’s work as Ondness is like getting sucked into one of Max Ernst’s decalcomanias. Steeped in Pychon’s dense paranoia, Bruno builds his compositions from blurry sonic objects, imprinting them on loose structures.

His newest release for Paralaxe Editions, Them Corja, a 4 track hovercraft cruise through swampy waters sounds distinctly metallic at times, mouldy mechanisms spring to life on ghost Traffic and a forgotten piston engine pounds in the distance on Rod Serling’s predator whilst Skaters Pulses with vibrant ritualistic vibes.

Echoes of left-field techno of the likes of Gas loom over his music but Silva manages to twist and bend them beyond recognition, creating his very own textural ooze, filled with pointillist detail and primal propulsion.

He has an extensive discography on labels like Where To Now? Metaphysical Circuits and Phinery.

All tracks by Ondness
Mastered by Carlos Nascimento
Design: Ariadna Serrahima, Diego Bustamante, Katy Hetzeneder
Print: Letterpress at L’automatica Barcelona
Photo: Marina Richter 
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