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Rut Panusé




In today’s hyperconnected and technology accelerated condition, Rut Panusé aimed to disconnect. To do so, she moved into a small and inhabited Swedish island where she was able to glimpse the most primary technological processes that link both trees and human beings.

Once the hierarchies between these elements were eliminated, Panusé collected materials, drew sketches and made images and sculptures in which both physical and digital work processes converged. In her series,the idea of the dazzling sun is interlaced with that of psychedelic dancefloors where the dancers, either alone or in a couple, hold their gestures while a solitary spotlight binds them.Babá Khumu Ta Tá looks into a particular universe of lights and formsthat stems not only from her study of the light’s material qualities but also from the relationship between technology and nature.

Rut Panusé Feijóo is a Spanish visual artist and an oral storyteller. Graduated in Photography at the IEFC, Barcelona, she has participated in international projects such as Signs of the City, coordinated by the Factory of Creació in Hangar, Barcelona. Her artwork has been exhibited in Lanzadera programme, curated by Iñaki Domingo in Centro-Centro, Madrid (2016). She has participated in collective exhibitions such as La Mostra Striparts (2008, 2011) and international festivals such as Sarajevo Winter Festival (2012) and Clic ’09 in the Visa Off festival at Visa Pour l’Image, Perpignan. She has been invited to present her creative process at the Le Bal photography centre, Paris (2013). Currently, along with Albert Gusi and Jaume C. Pons Alorda, she is working on Terra-Lab, a collaborative project led by Román Yñan, Ignasi López, Vicenç Altayó and Sergi Opisso, which aims to update the visual imagery of the Catalan territory. She often collaborates in multidisciplinary collective projects such as Chronica Mobilis organized by Hangar, Barcelona.

Rut Panusé :

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