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SomosanSeppa by Takahiro Mukai

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Edition of 60
Red Coral Tape
Letterpressed Cover

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Osaka’s Takahiro Mukai’s music writhes with energy, all ring modulated beeps and metallic percussions. It harkens back to a time when music served a very clear spiritual purpose, as catalyst for ritual and enlightenment.

Tinges of Acid House abound but the tracks possess a different kind of purity and focus, closer to Hypnobeat’s drum machine Onslaught than to Phuture’s anthems.His new release on Paralaxe Editions, Somosan-Seppa is an incursion into lively jungle scenes, a soundtrack to an even more feverish Conrad, like Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement’s club minded cousin.

The tracks are alive with shimmering detail and behave like a well tuned macro organism, each element occupying it’s position on the ecosystem.The Jungle drums and acid bleeps are enveloped in pristine ambience and frequently disintegrate or get swarmed with small nocturnal beast calls, always guided by the ubiquitous tribal drum machine pounding, not unlike Black Dice’s creature comforts, if that record was more firmly steeped in dance floor preoccupations.

All tracks by Takahiro Mukai
Design: Ariadna Serrahima, Diego Bustamante, Katy Hetzeneder
Print: Letterpress at L’automatica Barcelona
Photo: Zachary Dean Norman 
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