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YLIA – Dulce Rendición

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Paralaxe Editions is based in Barcelona, and Ylia (a.k.a. Susana Hernández) has long been one of the city’s most well-regarded musicians. A classically trained pianist who came of age DJing breakbeat raves in Andalucia, she easily maneuvers between disparate scenes and styles; she’s as comfortable dropping electro and techno records as she is performing alongside experimental flamenco artist Niño de Elche (she’s a member of his touring band).

Following her appearances on labels such as Lapsus and Hivern Discs, Dulce Rendición is Ylia’s first full-length effort, a cinematic collection of meditative and richly melodic tracks that largely grew out of her intimate live sets. Weaving together analog synths, field recordings and fragments of her own voice, much of the music was directly inspired by her dreams—and more specifically, the seemingly impossible sights and sounds that populated them. Working to recreate their lingering silhouettes in the light of day, Ylia oscillated between moments of deep introspection and playful fantasy as she settled into the hazy space between sleep and consciousness.

Released November 24, 2020.

Music by Perila.
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux.
Artwork by Oficina de Disseny.
Printing by L’automatica, Barcelona.
Words by Shawn Reynaldo.


Watch video here created by Jonathan McCabe:

The process that produced the video is a combination of a two-dimensional fluid flow simulation and a model inspired by Alan Turing’s theory of how dots and stripes develop on animals such as tropical fishes. Colours and movement are added to the fluid which continually mixes, a balance of creation and destruction. The process “listens to” and responds to Ylia’s music in a coarse way, influenced by the power in four broad bands of frequencies.


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